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We work to build our brands and platforms.  To be where we are now compared to where we started, it's literally one of the most surreal things about what we do.  The "Go-Pro Story" you've probably heard a million times by now, but it was the seedling of what's become a multi channel broad based on demand local media source for all of Muskegon County, and even beyond that on occasion.  It's not a boastful thing, it's a sincere appreciation thought for the viewers that have adapted, and the contributors who've helped us grow.  After all, helping grow is an essential part of all media, and when we can help one of our own....we're on it. 


Renee Wiard is one of our newest contributors who's joined us to work on Muskegon, Better with "The Happiness Project".  Renee is seeking out things that might be off the beaten path a little with what beings joy to people.  So far, she's done a story about therapeutic breathing exercises and vibrational healing methods.  They are fascinating articles and her personality shines with curiosity and excitement.  This is a "side gig" for Renee however, she and her partner Renee Phillips have a larger focus, and today, you get to learn a little more about Senior Care Questions. 

Senior Care Questions is born out of necessity as both Renee's met working in Hospice.  They saw entirely too many people who were facing issues surrounding end of life and long term care that were not only immensely pressure filled, they came at a time when people were under the most stress and were also vulnerable to schemers who might gladly take advantage of their lack of knowing all the in's and out's of the decision that need to be made surrounding the aging population and long term care needs. 

Senior Care Questions is not limited to age or income restrictions like some programs are.  They are a resource to use to find trusted, reliable and vetted help with anything from estate planning to adult day care, home modifications to meet mobility issues, veterans benefits, transportation help and more.  It's a remarkably comprehensive site that can help with referrals to just about anything you can think of.  One of the keys to making the site the most beneficial to you?  Making use of it long before you're in that "urgent" situation where so many decisions need to be made in such a hurry.  If you can't find what you're looking for on the site, there's a link right there to schedule a consultation and they will get you heading in the right direction.

This is essential.  As we, and more importantly our parents, continue to age, knowledge is power and pre planning as much as you can ahead can protect the wellbeing of the family not only financially, but emotionally as the gravity of life sets in.  To know that the assets are there like Senior Care Questions to help those who need it is an amazing thing to be able to share with you an to know that Renee and Renee recognized a gap and got to work fixing it, well, that's a part of the "Happiness Project" we'll just let soak in with you for a bit.  VISIT SENIOR CARE QUESTIONS ONLINE.