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Pleading the 5th.  Your right to not incriminate yourself in a court of law.  Also, one of the easier ways to ramp up the drama in any TV or movie that's got court based content and we can even add in most of today's news.  Someone pleading the 5th harkens back to the days of mobsters and those accused of high crimes and treasonous activities sitting before large panels of those asking questions in rooms filled with people while camera's and mics are all over.  It's usually no where near that dramatic.  Hope no bubble were burst with that opening, but the 5th does apply in Family Law and Shon explains this week. 


There's an introduction to get past first.  Well, two of them.  Shon has a visitor with her this week.  Cash makes a special appearance for a quick ear scratching, he's a beautiful German Shepard.  Our second introduction is John Karafa.  John has joined Tabono Law as a Senior Attorney specializing in criminal defense, family law and litigation and appeals.  John's years of experience and dedication to his clients is another giant step for Tabono Law and what they offer the community by being a comprehensive legal firm focused on the best outcome for their clients.  In a criminal case, pleading the 5th might be necessary, however in family law, it can be used....but might not be necessary.

In the determining of settlement in a family law procedure, questions can arise about "at fault".  It will factor in to the judges decision on division of assets, custody and support or alimony.  In that pleading the 5th should there be circumstances that could incriminate one of the party's in the dispute on a different case, there may be reason to plead the 5th as Shon explains with an example this week.  However, while infidelity in Michigan is a crime, prosecution of it in Michigan is rare, really rare and should you plead the 5th in a divorce proceeding about your "at fault" nature in infidelity, the court will most likely assume that's an admission.  It's up to you and your attorney to decide how to go forward in a case by case basis when it comes to the family law discipline.  

Know this.  You won't find a more thorough or dedicated team than Tabono Law for all of your legal needs.  From arbitration to litigation, their staff is committed to making sure the best outcome is achieved and their clients are taken care of every step of the way.  If you need the assistance of Tabono Law call 231-894-0909.  You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Or, you can VISIT TABONO LAW ONLINE.

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