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Muskegon is gong to be the home of something spectacular and quite honestly, it's an event that the rest of West Michigan only dreams they could pull off.  Let's be honest, in Michigan we're more than used to expos of all kinds.  From January through the end of March, if you can't find an expo that is of interest to you in some arena, convention center or even hotel with a big enough rental're having issues.  From golf shows to comic book conventions, car shows and home and garden events, we all roam around and "look, but don't touch" most of what we can only dream of while we collect goodie bags and free samples.  Well... come August, the way a boat show is done is going to take a dramatic turn for the better in Muskegon at Adelaide Pointe.  Muskegon Boat Life is bringing all of the fun of an expo and then some to both the water and the campus, and YOU are invited!



Meeting up with Roger Zuidema of Muskegon Boat Life and Ryan Leestma, developer of Adelaide Pointe on Tuesday along with some of the stakeholders in the project...the air was ELECTRIC!  There we sat looking at a map of the entire campus of Adelaide Pointe and what a canvas to paint on!  The project has been huge and as things begin to get ready to open, from the Muskegon Brewing Company to the marina and the housing on site, the pace and atmosphere on site is filled with life and belief in what's to come.  This boat show event in August too is being built to offer a little something for everyone.  We're going to share the complete press release below so you can see the size and scope of the initial group, and the work is under way to add in all of the extras like music, fun for kids and places for food trucks, vendors and more.  

This is actually to help serve as a recruitment for those who are looking to participate.  Take a listen to the discussion with Roger and Ryan above and check out the details below about contact information and how to become a part of this incredible event.  To become part of the fabric of Muskegon has been the goal of Adelaide Pointe since the inception and to see this first "big event" and the opening of the restaurant ahead and some of the things we thought were going away, but have actual improvements to the bike trails, renewed life on the point and the far end of Western Ave coming together, we're looking at a major step in the redefinition of our community and the place we hold in the state.  Here's the complete press release.


Calling all boat enthusiasts! The beautiful brand-new Adelaide Pointe Marina in Muskegon, Michigan, is thrilled to announce the inaugural Muskegon Boat Life Adelaide Pointe Boat Show on August 16th, 17th, and 18th, 2024. This premier event promises to celebrate all things nautical, offering an immersive experience for seasoned boaters and curious newcomers alike. 
Showcasing Innovation and Industry Leaders 
Muskegon Boat Life Adelaide Pointe Boat Show is proud to be attracting leading industry dealers like Action Water Sports, Spring Brook Yachts, Bay Marine, Freedom Boat Club, Keenan Marina, Lakeside Powersports, Lakeshore Marine Group, Sportfishermans Center, Skipper Bud’s and many more. These esteemed dealers represent the forefront of the boating industry, and their participation promises to showcase a diverse range of exceptional boats, services, and marine equipment. With over 40 in-water boats and additional display boats on-land, make plans to attend. 
Great Food 
The Muskegon Brewing Company awaits your visit with fantastic food and views all weekend long. Also, the Adelaide Pointe Event Center will be serving a fantastic lunch buffet and a Sunset Dinner on Saturday night as the Lights Boat Parade finishes the evening. 
Public Invited Free of Charge 
Adelaide Pointe welcomes you to explore the show free of charge and take a peek at this great Marina including boats in the following displays: 
● Million Dollar Yacht Dock: Witness the pinnacle of luxury with breathtaking yachts valued at a cool million dollars and upwards. 
● Sport Boat Slips: Adrenaline seekers will rejoice at this dedicated area showcasing high-performance boats built for sport, speed, and exhilarating adventures. 
● Pontoon Alley: Explore the world of relaxation and family fun with various pontoons perfect for cruising and creating lasting memories on the water. 
● Fishing Village: Immerse yourself in the angler's paradise, featuring the latest fishing boats, expert seminars, and everything you need to reel in a successful catch. 
Roger Zuidema, Event Coordinator, Muskegon Boat Life Boat Show: "We're thrilled to unveil the inaugural Muskegon Boat Life Adelaide Pointe Boat Show! This isn't just about showcasing boats – it's about creating an unforgettable experience that ignites a passion for life on the water. Whether you're a seasoned boater or just starting to dream of adventures on the lake, the Muskegon Boat Life Adelaide Pointe Boat Show offers something for everyone. From awe-inspiring yachts on the “Million Dollar Yacht Dock” to exhilarating boats on the “Sport Boat Slips”, “Fishing Village” and “Pontoon Ally”, we'll have a diverse range of vessels to explore. Beyond the boats, we've got live demonstrations, educational seminars, live music, and engaging activities for the whole family. Join us at the beautiful Adelaide Pointe Marina and discover the magic of the Muskegon Boat Life Adelaide Pointe Boat Show!" 
Seeking Vendors 
The Muskegon Boat Life Adelaide Pointe Boat Show is actively seeking vendors. The event aims to provide a platform for showcasing the latest advancements in boating technology, equipment, apparel, and services. For more information about the Muskegon Boat Life Adelaide Pointe Boat Show, including exhibitor opportunities, please visit our website at
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Mark your calendars and get ready to experience nautical excellence at the Muskegon Boat Life Adelaide Pointe Boat Show on August 16th, 17th, and 18th, 2024! 
Boats, Food & Fun with a view! 
Media Contact: Aubrey Glick Marketing and Operations Manager - Adelaide Pointe This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
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Roger Zuidema Event Coordinator - Muskegon Boat Life 
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