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Kolton Woods learned a lot more in his time away at college than how to accurately forecast the weather and look nice doing it.  Kolton learned that one of the most important parts of getting your learn on is being able to share what you know and the platform you operate on with others.  As the last few weeks of his time unfolded with us, one day, up popped a message.... "Hey Andy, are you giving any thought to who might take over?  I have an idea for you".


Meet Teagen Schultz.  Teagen is another Fruitport Grad and she's in her second year at Central Michigan University studying Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences.  Central Michigan's list of amazingly accomplished broadcasters with names like Matt Shepard, Carter Oosterhouse, Larry Joe Campbell, Dick Enburg and more.  Teagen sure found her way to one of the premiere spots for broadcasting in the USA and is focused on the idea that there are really no barriers in her way to achieving her dreams of being a science based meteorologist who can make the weather interesting, imperative and exciting.   

An All Conference athlete in her time in high school as well as Honor Roll regular... and lover of things outdoors, Teagen comes from a strong family and you may have seen her in town working alongside her mom Jennifer at the LA LA Land Face Painting booth at community gatherings, or of you are a fan of super delicious cuisine, yes...that's Teagen you've seen waiting on tables at the Arboreal Inn.  Softball was her jam in school as was golf, but to see graduation pictures of her, and all the awards, tassels and'd think she never left her desk in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Just like Kolton, Teagen is here to learn, grow and build herself a resume and "reel" for the real world.  We are so incredibly fortunate to not only have the backing of our sponsors to help support these young people as they begin their quest, but an audience to watch day after day to see them improve, grow and waltz right out of school into a career.  We're even more fortunate to have young creators see the value in jumping in head first, knowing that there's some refining to do, some mistakes are just fine and that we know that we all have a beginning.  I think back to my first 8 seconds on the radio at 3am.  I was terrified.  Our younger broadcasters are hurled right in front of an audience 100 times the size and it's their bold willingness to start running that's the most admirable. 

Settle in and make sure you follow along.  We are so proud to welcome Teagen, her friends, fellow students and family as she steps on the gas and gets it done.  Teagen Schultz Weather debuts Monday Morning on the Muskegon Channel.