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The prestige that the Holting Quiz Bowl Team brings is quite a story and has been for a couple of years now.  The team this year is mostly seniors and they have once again earned their way into the national competition where as many as 300 or more schools gather in Atlanta May 26-28 to go head to head on speed, knowledge and teamwork to work to bring home the brass to their community and take the bragging rights.



Holton is a remarkable community and the close knit way they work together is reflected in the schools amazingly.  Their educational opportunities are equal to any other district in the county and the allegiance to the school is almost impossible to top when it comes to those who have graduated a "Red Devil" at one point or another.  They excel in academics, and athletics and when it comes to taking care of the community, those who work to make things happen at the school or in events like Holton Days give 100% x 5.  

The Quiz Bowl is an academic competition that pushes students to not only have a wide range of knowledge, but fosters quick reaction times, confidence in decision making and working as a team, or a leader of the team should you be the first who knows an answer to bring the round in to the camp.  There are other competitions that go on like BPA and DECCA which are much more business focused, but Quiz Bowl is known for it's longevity, prestige and vast array of knowledge that is needed to compete. 

It's about $1000 bucks to get the students to the competition in Atlanta.  They have a coin drive going on at school in the near future.  We'll have a link here when they get one around and you can call the school or drop by to make a donation if you would like to help.  The ability to travel and see a world much bogger than Holton is part of an enriching educational experience and to come together to reward the kids who've earned their way to this adventure, is a simple task when we stop and think that many shoulders make a light load.  Please, help if you can.

You can learn more about Quiz Bowl by CLICKING HERE or on the photo below.  ON HOLTON!