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We're going to let Dr. Adam Bayne do the describing in the video this evening, but the gist of it is this.  In Holton, celebrating the academic success and futures of their graduation's just as much of a big deal as seeing athletes signing letters of intent to head to a school, into the service, a trade school or the workforce after their time is up during their high school career.  We were once again on hand to see the stunning display of support for the graduating class of 2024 and if you have a kid about to commence....keep an eye out...we did all we could to get at least one show of their beautiful mug on their way by. 


We had an amazing time capturing some of the success' in Red Devil country this week. Yee, it sure has been a lot of coverage, and ya feels good. We work so hard to get into every smaller community to share what's going on and with a reading tutoring gig a couple days a week just up the street from my house, it's sure some easy pickin's to get great stories from my home district.  We wish the Holton Class of 2024 all of the very best and offer our most sincere thanks to the dedicated staff at the school for their incredible care and devotion to all of these young people.

Next up in Holton.... HOLTON COMMUNITY DAYS!!  See you there!