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Dr. Jannah Thompson is quick to point out that it's not the first order of business that most talk about medically.  Anything to do with "what's under the hood" especially when it comes to our bodily functions and our "private parts" leaves us all feeling a little uneasy.  Did you know however that ease of conversation changes?  It might be a little less difficult as a woman is in her child bearing years, but later in life, problems can surface in the pelvic area up to and including the "pelvic floor" which is a term it took me 53 years to even hear.  It's time to learn a little more and be a lot less hesitant about the issues. 



Dr. Thompson earned her medical degree at Michigan State University – College of Human Medicine. Her clinical interests include pelvic prolapse and pelvic floor dysfunction, as well as bladder conditions including incontinence and overactive bladder.  Dr. Thompson believes that the quality of a woman’s life is every bit as important as the clinical outcome of her treatment. She strives to understand how a patient views her condition and how it impacts her life and would tell her patients that most women feel vulnerable when sharing sensitive and embarrassing experiences related to their pelvic condition. She hopes to help women better understand their
conditions and treatment options, while providing clear council and compassionate care.

As we talked in the opening, pelvic and issues regarding lack of control of bladder or the rectum are whoppers to face.  It's not a problem specific to women, men have them too, but tend to laugh it off with the "Don't trust a ____" type thing until there's no longer anything to laugh about.  Age plays into this some too, and while the age creeps ahead, giving some thought in foresight could help in what's to come down the road as women pass child bearing years and head toward menopause and older age.  Anything from pelvic floor exercises to lifestyle modifications to surgical interventions can be utilized to help improve the quality of life for women needing help.  It's really not a problem to keep kicking the can down the road over or to put off because you are so busy taking care of everyone else.  Urogynecologists like Dr. Thompson specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders in women.

You can find Dr. Thompson at the Lakes Village with Trinity Health in Muskegon.  To get started, it's recommended you see your primary care doctor for a referral first.  They are the first to help diagnose if you are indeed a candidate for the assistance of Dr. Thompson and her colleagues in their incredibly specialized, and important field.  

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