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It was an awesome 4 years on our end being a part of a young broadcaster and his desire to get in the business.  The story began on a pretty hot afternoon in the pandemic when kids in school had to drive thru in their cars to get their diploma and since my wife Cindy Briggs was teaching at Fruitport still, I asked if they had given any thought to someone taping them as they came by, and like most anything in the middle of that mess, they had not.  It all came together in about 20 minutes from the idea until I threw the camera in the car, and off we went.  Once the video aired, a "like" came along from Kolton Woods Weather Forecasts.  That was the beginning of our development program.



To get to a place in broadcasting to just begin is hard.  Development of talent should be happening for all media in markets like Muskegon.  Radio, TV, print and podcast, this is the kind of area that young people should be flocking to to learn and grow.  Sadly, not only in Muskegon but nationwide, smaller markets are given what's piped in from elsewhere 99% of the time and those once remarkably fertile training grounds are now gone.  There are some however that operate a little differently, and they start their own operations.  Like me.

A quick conversation with Kolton and a meet up in the park to welcome him on board, and he grabbed the bull by the horns and ran with it.  Couple of small tweaks here and there and without fail, he had the weather for us daily Monday-Friday like clockwork.  Developing itinerance is essential and so is the self discipline to work independently, but there's another huge key element about young broadcasters.......they need to be given space.  Room to make mistakes and places to watch themselves and see what went right and were they can improve.  Having a sponsor or two, well, in Kolton's just one... Trinity Health gave him the room to do just that minus the guys in suits asking where the "clicks shares and likes" are while he honed his craft.  The clicks shares and likes are actually beyond even counting the way his forecasts spread, because our community surrounded him with belief...and he grew.

His final exam with us?  It was kept secret.  I waited in the shadows to see how he exited and when he suggested Teagan Schultz who was a fellow Fruitport grad a couple years behind him.....that was the moment I was most proud of.  To instill in this kid, now young man, that it's always the most important role to give freely of what you have and what you know to someone else wanting to climb the ladder.  It's not only me by the way.  Kolton is the product of great parents, a great school and took on a role some might have laughed at, but he recognized that it was his first shot....and he hit the bullseye, then on the second shot....split the first arrow.

Muskegon, stick around till the very end of this video, you'll see why, I promise.  South Bend....we're trusting you with one of our most valuable assets.  Kolton Woods.  Live out the dream, man, your resources are always here waiting for you.  

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