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Mission for Area People in Muskegon is an organization that stands out when it comes to human services.  A self proclaimed "Tiny agency with a big impact" is right on the money when it comes to their work for those in need and they have been providing that for over 50 years.  Tucked away inside a church in Muskegon Heights and right across from Muskegon Height High School you'll find their work happening.  There has been a lot of work going on inside the facility to open up the possibility for anyone to access the services.  Executive Director Kristen Turgeon shares the news. 


With the limited space inside Temple United Methodist Church over the years, Mission for Area People has been providing the Healthy Food Pantry, the clothing pantry and of course the assistance with things that can help fill the gaps like car repairs, rental assistance, a medical fund, holiday gift baskets for kids and families, day care assistance and more.  It was however a bit of a problem for those unable to use stairs due to mobility issues.  Needs have been met, but it took some extra effort to accommodate a few.  As you'll see in the video today, it's a who new experience at Mission for Area People.

There is now a ramp access for everyone!  The client services area has expanded to the lower floor and the food pantry as well as the clothing area are easily accessible to anyone who's looking for a hand.  You'll also find the admin right there in the new area as well, so that friendly greeting and assured sense of service is an all in one endeavor upon entry.  There is a new entry's around the side of the building for those in need of service, which is clearly marked by way finding signs.  The staff and volunteers are so excited to welcome you in!

Welcoming is the order of business Friday May 17th.  11a-2p there will be some light refreshment and opportunity to tour the newly renovated space.  The word "cupcakes" was floated out there, and yes...I was instantly distracted, but I brought it back together quick to stay focused on the main task at hand.  There are some needs.  If you are inclined, VISIT THE AMAZON SHOPPING WISHLIST for Mission for Area People.  There is also an opportunity to help them out with their major fundraiser of the year.  Their Par-Tee Golf outing will be at Stonegate Golf Club on Twin Lake on June 14th and it's going to be a spectacular day of fun with a purpose.  GET YOUR 4 PERSON TEAM REGISTERED HERE.  

We proudly support Mission for Area People and their work.  Out thanks to Kristen for the sneak preview of the new space, and please, stop in for a visit on Friday and give what you can to support this amazing service organization that meets human need with care and compassion.  

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