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A divorce is a time that many feel is an end.  There are certain things that we can't live with, there are ways that people change over the years, and there are differences that just can't be settled.  It's a stressful and hard to manage time should it become the case.  However, if one of the parties in the divorce passes away during the time it takes to sort things out and come to a settlement, it's a scenario that A) rarely happens and B) when it does happen, it takes an amazingly sophisticated and compassionate legal team to understand.  Shon Cook at Tabono Law has not only that team, but the experience to back it.



Twice in 30 years Shon has experienced the loss of a litigant in a divorce proceeding.  The immediate assumption, as she points out in our conversation, would be that now that the other party has passed on, well that settles that and the other party gets it all.  Well, not so fast.  While the case may be dismissed, there's an awful lot that comes into play at this point that needs to be addressed.  First and foremost...if it's been a long marriage and there are kids and assets involved, you're more than likely going to need some assistance with estate planning.  Not an area that Shon is in often, but she does have some remarkably reliable colleagues that she can send you to.  Then, there's the human element.  While you couldn't live with someone any longer, it probably wasn't your wish that they were a shift to compassion and understanding has to take place within to continue to serve their clients as best as possible.  It's a situation, not many would find themselves in, but the experience is there.


Know this.  You won't find a more thorough or dedicated team than Tabono Law for all of your legal needs.  From arbitration to litigation, their staff is committed to making sure the best outcome is achieved and their clients are taken care of every step of the way.  If you need the assistance of Tabono Law call 231-894-0909.  You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Or, you can VISIT TABONO LAW ONLINE.

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