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We're back at the Citi Boi Corp in North Muskegon to talk about this summers events that are being planned to bring the community together for some food, fun and fellowship.  They are an agency based on helping people make ends meet that was formed in the pandemic when they realized that food insecurity was going to be an issue for a lot of parents that relied on the 2 meals a day that the schools provided and that kids would be going without.  As their work spread, as did the word about it, so did the scope of people they serve...and post pandemic, they are still doing more every day to better the lives of others.



Rob and Reyna Mathis are the founders of Citi Boi.  Like so many others they saw a need that popped up during an unimaginable time and circled the wagons with some friends.  From there, they were able to provide meals for kids during the pandemic and by listening, they found the calling to be a little more.  Food insecurity also turned into the opportunity to help connect people with resources that others might have been thinking was just junk or needed to be donated somewhere.  Thanks to a stout group of friends and an active social media base, "might need to be donated" somewhere turned into Citi Boi Corp.

Today, they help people with food pantry items, sometimes multiple families have to come in one car.  They have a clothing and personal hygiene bank in their office in North Muskegon as well as other items that might be of necessity.  They can help with items like furniture and appliances by knowing a need and when a donation comes in, it gets to them and they offer resources like places to turn for financial assistance and more.  They are doing incredible work, from the heart.

The party at Hackley Park on June 15th is a chance to enjoy a picnic no matter what you have going.  Hot dogs, burgers, drinks and more.  Some music, fun for the kids and activities will be provided, you?  Show up.  1-8 is the time for the event and it's free of charge.  Not only is it a way to enjoy friends and neighbors, but it's a chance for you to see the work of Citi Boi in action, or if you need a way to have a family picnic and it's not quite in the will be taken care of for you with no questions asked.  That's our kind of picnic, and we thank Rob and Reyna for all they do. 

LEARN MORE ABOUT CITI BOI on their Facebook page.  

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