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We're very fortunate to have a sponsor like Trinity Health and their willingness to share their incredible Dr.'s with us when it comes to our health care.  From speaking with some of the best in the business when it comes to specialty practice and innovative surgical procedures, to the Primary Care Physician that you should have on your team to help navigate health, our access is second to none.  Today, we're going to visit with a Primary Care Physician who's pretty close to home for me, he's the partner in my Dr.'s office, Dr. George Neros.


Dr. Neros is in Spring Lake, just off the highway and the office is spacious and inviting and I can tell you this from personal experience, they run the office on time, all of the time. I have not once waited for an appointment, and usually get pulled right back upon arrival.  A graduate of MSU and the U of M, Dr. Neros takes care of the every day things like making sure his patients stay up to date on their prescriptions, vaccines and all of the routine stuff but he like his partner Dr. Kalb have something very special in their practice and that is the level of personal care they put into their patients.  They truly spend the time getting to know their parents, life circumstances and way that they respond best to care.  To speak with them is more like speaking to a friend instead of "a doctor" and they take the time to remember individuals and their history.  

One of the things that we're talking about's health.  Yes, it's true that men are all 10 feet tall and bullet proof.  However, in those unspoken moments, we all have things that are beginning to fail and things that we need to do better ourselves to make sure that we're taking care of us.  The cessation of smoking and heavy alcohol use is always first to be thought of.  Then things like diet and exercise come along, and of course....we have to speak about the unspeakable.  Prostate health, erectile disfunction, mental health.....these are all giant factors that can bring early warning signs about heart disease and even with the stopping of the "bad things" listed above, the factors like genetics, life circumstances and more all add up.  This is why a Primary Care doc is so essential.  Trinity Health has launched a program called Wednesday Wellness, which focuses on addressing a wide range of health concerns and providing guidance on how to manage them effectively  Click on the link and learn more. 

If you are in need of a Primary Care Dr. let me recommend my personal office first.  If however Spring Lake is difficult for you to get to, please CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT TRINITY HEALTH PRIMARY CARE

Our thanks to Dr. Neros for spending a few minutes with us today.  

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