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It's an amazing place to be in when you have sponsors that believe in giving back to the community and using the time they could have promoting their own interests to uplift organizations that help others realize their dreams, or maybe assist people who cannot help themselves.  We have Tabono Law and Scherdel Sales and Technology with us on The Muskegon Channel and the philanthropic efforts since the Step it Up Muskegon program began have reached $36,000 to date by our calculations.  This month, we're giving a hand to the Muskegon Civic Theater and their Performing Arts School.  We're joined by Erin Sharpe.



To expose young people to arts is an essential part of a balanced educational experience.  The Muskegon Civic Theater is an immersive way for kids from K-12 to take a crack at trying out what it means to become part of a theater group and to learn all of the skills that go with an opportunity like that.  From Novice Acting all the way to Virtuoso.. the experience begins with a crawl and by the time students reach the Virtuoso level, they are on a sprint for Broadway and more than likely a Tony Award.  Ok, it might not be quite that much of a dream, but...there's all kinds of positive things about getting your child involved with performing arts.

From learning how to function in a team setting to even doing one of the most fearsome endeavors that people take....walking out on to a stage to address a crowd, the idea of making things like feel "normal" at an early age to a kid is a great first step.  Much like swimming in the deep end or riding a bike, it's the fear of the unknown that has to be overcome first, but when it releases a world of opportunity in any number of areas.  Theater especially helps with communication.  It also helps with taking cues from others and routine.  The way things have to happen in the order they have to happen to achieve success.  The Muskegon Civic Theater Performing Arts School is an enjoyable way to fold in those kinds of lessons for kids with tangible results that they might not even know they are attaining.    

The programs run year round and in the Summer, they expand to offer some more intense and immersive experiences which will help keep your kids from experiencing the "brain drain" often associated with that Summer break.  It's a great way to keep their minds agile while you keep them occupied in the down time.  To learn more about the Muskegon Civic Theater Performing Arts School, CLICK HERE.  

Supporting our area non profit organizations is an honor and pleasure.  Thank you to Tabono Law and Scherdel Sales and Technology for their amazing efforts for so many in Muskegon.  

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