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We have a long standing relationship with our municipalities and their Public Safety Departments when it comes to their need to spread the word about requests for some help when they need it.  Fruitport Township is in need of a millage increase for the Police and Fire Departments and Public Safety Director Brian Michelli joins us to explain the needs.  


To begin, yes....we publish to use our influence to help you understand that when a police of fire department in our area asks for an increase to provide the services we need.  No fat cats are getting their pockets lined.  There are no dignitaries getting new cars.  These are the hard working men and women who are our friends and neighbors who put their lives on the line, day after day for all of us.  Remember the ideas like "Front Line Responders" and "Back the Blue"?  This is the reality of all of that.  

The current public safety millage of 1.5 mills has not increased in 30 years.  The current police millage of 1mill has not increased since the inception of the Fruitport Township Police Department in 2005.  This proposal, should it pass will guarantee that all of the money collected is spent directly on public safety.  It can not be allocated elsewhere.  There will be 3 additional police officers hired and 2 firefighters.  This is also a cost savings measure in the reduction of overtime now being paid.  The growth of Fruitport Township along with the rest of the county has their public safety offices as maxed out as they can possibly be and the reliance of mutual aid from neighboring departments can only be offered when it's available.  The breakdown of the cost to those who live in Fruitport Township will be about $15 bucks a month if your house is worth $300k.  It's lower as property values go down as you'll see in the graphic below.  

Yes, it's not anyone's favorite thing to be asked to pay more.  The reality is though that we ask those in the world of public safety to risk their lives on a shoe string budget.  Fruitport has not had an essential increase in 30 years in some cases to provide service to an ever increasing community in size and value.  You can learn more by following the KEEP FRUITPORT SAFE FACEBOOK PAGE.  There are also community conversations happening.  July 9th and July 23rd you can meet the officials at the Fruitport Township Hall at 7p to learn more about this imperative ask.  

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