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Dr. Bruce Ferrin of WMU Talks About the Value of Muskegon As a Port

Muskegon Metro Area News

We shared the story the other day, about Western Michigan University wanting to engage more and more with the Muskegon community.  There was an open house on April 19th where students could learn more about getting a degree from WMU and not having to leave Muskegon to do it.  A lot of students, both traditional and those who are considering going back to school to finish off a degree were there over the course of the afternoon.  The WMU staff was amazing with their attention to detail, a welcoming atmosphere and excitement around the discussion coming up from Dr. Bruce Ferrin who was in town to discuss the opportunities that would most likely come should Muskegon continue on looking to be a shipping port on a larger scale than we are. 

The potential for this is absolutely huge.  Even I didn't really understand the size and scope of just how much being a shipping port can be.  It was all on the table and Dr. Ferrin lays it all out in this 25 minute discussion.  I was asked to introduce the Dr. so with Westerns permission, we let the camera roll to share what he had to say in it entirety so you acan hear the potential we have. 

Take a few minutes and hear what Dr. Ferrin has to say.

Did you hear the part about Western being one of the top schools in the nation for supply chain management?  As Dr. Ferrin mentioned, no one grows up thinking that someday they would like to work in the world of logistics and supply chains....but the jobs are real.....the opportunity is there on so many levels and the future of Muskegon.....well, it's looking mighty bright if you ask me.  What an amazing and informative discussion.  Our thanks to WMU for coming to Muskegon to present this information and thanks too for seeing The Muskegon Channel as a great way to connect with Muskegon!  We proud to have them on as a sponsor and advocate for Muskegon!