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D-Day Plus 73 - A Little More On The Pin Up Girls - Corey Davis Reports

Muskegon Metro Area News

D Day Plus 73 is coming up at the LST 393 this weekend.  As Andy talked with Chris Johnson about the event as a whole not long ago, I thought it would be interesting to learn a little more about some of the different things that will be going on at the event. There will be plenty to see and do with everything from WWII re-enactments and static military vehicles, to a simulated attack on the beautiful historic ship itself.  Did you know?  The LST 393 was actually there the day the allies invaded Normandy?  This remarkable national treasure made 30 round trips to deliver troops, tanks and other things to begin the battle to stop Hitler and she is only one of two ships like her left in the world still with it's original configuration.  We have a living monument or world history right in our lake!

 As the LST is used as a museum today as well as a growing spot for events like the D-Day Plus 73 as the events come and go, so should a little history about some of the things you see.  One thing you'll see this weekend... pin up girls!  The pin up girls will be on hand in a very classy presentation, yes...family friendly too, to show the style of the era and talk a little about how pin up girls did what they could to boos morale, give the soldiers something to think about other than war and some..some of them even rolled up their sleeves and got to work in the factories left behind as men went to fight. 

Today, the memory of the pin up is kept alive by women of all shapes and sizes.  The love the clothes, the image and the original message the women of the era carried.  There will be plenty on hand if you stop down to the event.  You'll also find them at the Swing Dance the night before and you can learn a little more about their group.  I sat down with Karen Kacynski who's passion is pin up's to learn a little more, and maybe even dispel the rumors about the pin up culture.  Take a listen.

If you're looking for some history, maybe some nostalgia, or possible you'd like to mark D-Day this year with some reverence, the LST 393 located at the Mart Dock in Muskegon is the place to be.  Now, you know a little more about pin up girls and the culture, so make sure you say hello, stop for a photo or two and really, immerse yourself in the occasion.  It's a magnificent event in Muskegon and something to be proud of as a community