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Downtown Dancing in Muskegon Returns June 22nd

Muskegon Metro Area News

It's time once again to get out and enjoy the festival like atmosphere at the Muskegon Farmers Market as the Women's Division Chamber of Commerce presents Downtown Dancing this summer!  It's a give back to Muskegon as a thanks for all the being part of all the other great events they do, and let's be honest.  There ar some big events over the course of the year.  There is Trinkets and Treasures, They have Fashion and Frolic and of course the big one, Dancing with the Local Stars. 

All of their work is done for the benefit of Muskegon and places in need.  Local food pantries get filled, a good time is had by many and Muskeogn is better off thanks to the hard work of the WDCC.  They also provide scholarships, they do an adopt a senior program, they make hats mittens and scarves for Every Woman's Place, and they create civic consciousnesses through unity and coordination of activities.  

This year, you'll see bands like Yard Sale Underwear, Sliverado, Carl Webb Band, and Lakeshore Big Band.  You'll enjoy free admission and plenty of great food form local vendors.  I was joined by Sue Lumley and Jackie Engel at the Muskegon Farmers Market to find out all the details, take a listen below.

Fun for the whole family and the price it right!  Spend some time out enjoying Downtown Muskegon.  Keep in mind, it's growing by leaps and bounds.  There are the new Shops on Western, plenty pf great restaurants, brewereies and a great sense of community to be enjoyed.  You'll hear top notch acts and you'll see first hand the awesome things happening.  Many thanks to the WDCC for the work they do around town, show your appreciation by grabbing the lawn chairs and heading down for a night or tow of fun.