Tue, Aug

The Muskegon Red Cross Could Use a Hand Driving

Muskegon Metro Area News

The Muskegon Chapter of The American Red Cross is looking for a few good men or women who can help!  It's a simple request and it doesn't involve needles this time, although do keep in mind that The Red Cross is always in need of blood to maintain the supply here in town.  No, this time they are asking for outgoing people who have a good driving record and the willingness to grab the wheel of a Red Cross vehicle and take patients who need medical treatment to their appointments.  Simple as that. 

It's a matter of a few hours once or twice a week, or if you can spare more, that's fine too.  You go through a simple background check and driving record check then...you hit the streets.  One day, you may be picking someone up who needs a trip to dialysis, the next...chemo therapy.  It might be a routine doctor visit or maybe a check up at the clinic, but the important part is you're taking an active role in helping someone out who otherwise wouldn't be able to make it to their appointments.  

In all honesty too, what harm can come of being able to provide a ride to someone?  You give them some time out of the house, a little company they might not otherwise have and the important thing you're helping make sure that the treatment they need is fulfilled.  You may find that the rewards are greater than anything by establishing a connection with someone who you would have otherwise probably never met.  

I met up with Mark Evans of the American Red Cross of Muskegon to talk about the need for some more hands on deck when it comes to drivers.  They actually have a waiting list of people who are in need of transportation, so take a listen to our chat and see if you can carve an hour or two out a week to help.

Not much to it, but the impact you can have is enormus. Mark even gave me a direct line for you to call if you are interested in helping out.  231-720-4254.  It's a community building thing, taking care of those who can't take care of themselves is essential.  We show our compassion by assiting those in need.  Consider a few hours a week or a month to help and think about how cool you'll look hot roddin' around town in one of those awesome Red Cross vehicles.