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The Real Face of Sex Trafficking - Discussion Panel Coming to Muskegon Community College October 30th

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It's a topic that is very prominent at the moment, sex trafficking and sexual abuse.  Harvey Weinstein and his years of misbehavior in Hollywood have not only gotten him banished from his company and industry, it's brought new attention to the entire issue of our national outlook on what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to harassment and actions.

Years ago, I met Anny Donewald when I was still on the radio.  She had started out as a dancer in college to keep the bills paid and in a short time, she found herself in the trafficking industry.  She has gone on from there to form an organization called Eve's Angels.  They are a nationally know organization who help women who find themselves in the same spot Anny once did to escape from being trafficked and then to get away from those who held them captive while they heal in a safe environment.  She's written a best selling book called "Dancing for the Devil" telling her tale of what it was like being in what is modern day slavery and she speaks regularly to groups about trafficking and advocates for women who are trapped in the business.  daning for the devil
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Only a couple months ago we had Connie Nesbary on The Muskegon Channel to discuss her radio documentary "Criminal Sexual Conduct - What Needs to Change". A radio documentary that was produced in Muskegon and is now going to nationwide release.  It's a 4 hour documentary that explores the different dynamics of CSC, who offenders are and what the effects are short and long term.  Connie is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Limited Licensed Psychologist in Michigan and speaks and consults with organizations on best practices in post trauma recovery.  When I met Connie to do the story about her radio documentary, I said "you really should meet my friend Anny".....and that was the beginning of this.

The two got together and immediately found common ground both in cause and purpose and in no time flat, along came the subject at hand, a panel discussion to happen Monday October 30th at Muskegon Community College about sex trafficking called "The Real Face of Sex Trafficking - Athletics, Law Enforcement and the Hidden Agenda".  Joining these women will be Senator Judy Emmons who's an advocate to stop sex trafficking, Professor David Manville from Eastern Michigan University who teaches the only course on sex trafficking in Michigan and myself as the panel moderator.  It's going to be an open and honest discussion about trafficking in the sports industry and more.  It will be free and open to the public to attend at Collegiate Hall and it begins at 7pm

 I met up with Anny and Connie at MCC to talk a little about the upcoming panel and learn a little more in advance.  Take a listen to our talk below.

It's a tough subject.  It's taboo to many, but it's important too to get to the root of this trafficking issue and end it.  Slavery...it's alive and well and it's being practiced on women right here in our area and all over the country.  We had the good fortune of putting two very powerful advocates together here on The Muskegon Channel and you are welcome to hear them speak at Muskegon Community College on October 30th at 7pm at Collegiate Hall.