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The Real Face of Sex Trafficking Athletics, Law Enforcement and the Hidden Agenda - The Live Discussion

Muskegon Metro Area News

It's a sincere problem and the reality is, not many people even come close to understanding how deep it goes.  

On Monday October 30th, a panel of experts joined forces at Muskegon Community College to discuss human trafficking in the sports industry and the lengths that people go to protect the rings that operate this modern day slave trade.  The Muskegon Channel carried the discussion live as it happened on Facebook live, but the topic is vital and one in need of much more discussion, so we've saved the video and are putting it in a feature story so if there are those who missed it, or...as time goes by, the Facebook post kind of slips off the radar, you can always come back to hear the message again or, you are welcome to share this story with anyone you think would benefit from the discussion.

The panel included Anny Donewald who escaped the trafficking industry and wrote a book called "Dancing for the Devil" and also founded Eve's Angels who rescue other women from trafficking.  Connie Nesbary who is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Michigan Senator Judy Emmons who's been a leader in the fight against human trafficking and Professor David Manville who teaches at EMU and might have the only class on trafficking in the State of Michigan.

It's a lengthy discussion, but so vital.  Take a listen.

Our thanks to the panelists and guests of the discussion.  Thanks too to Muskegon Community College for hosting this event and helping shine a light on such an awful subject.   As discussed repeatedly, the only way this is going to stop is when it's confronted...we need to stand together and say no more.  Anny is a pioneer in the fight, and we're honored to partner with her in spreading her message.