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Music for Meds to Benefit Mission For Area People May 11th at The Folkert Community Hub

Muskegon Metro Area News

It will be a fun night with purpose May 11th as Music for Meds is set to take place at the Folkert Community Hub on Seminole Road in Muskegon to benefit Mission For Area People.  We've been no stranger to the work MAP does for the people of Muskegon.  Located right across from Muskegon Heights High School, MAP has been serving those in need in Muskegon for 50 years now in a variety of ways.

 They have the Healthy Choice Food Pantry, with an added urban garden coming this Summer...there is the clothing and household needs pantry where people can come and get what they need for their home or wardrobe, rental assistance, help with holidays, back to school and more.  It's an amazing outreach and the purpose of this particular event is to help secure some funding for their medical and dental assistance programs.  

People who need a hand are often forced to make some pretty tough choices.  Like say for instance, do you get a tooth fixed or do you buy groceries?  Do you visit an urgent care or pay for a utility bill?  It's almost unimaginable to think that some are faced with choices like this day in and day out, but it's our reality and to know MAP works to help those who need a hand, it's a pretty heart warming feeling.  It takes all of us though, so if you are able to contribute, great and if you need a little incentive to do that...well, Music for Meds might be right up your alley!

It's a dueling pianos event.  It's a mixture of music and comedy featuring Matt Giraud of American Idol fame as well as Billy Ryan.  There will be an auction as well as some great heavy appetizers a cash bar if you like and an atmosphere guaranteed to be fun with a purpose as we come together to help out friends and neighbors who might otherwise not get the medical attention they need.

Dianna Stubbs is the Director of Mission For Area People.  She's no stranger to the shows.  A dear friend and undying advocate to help those in Muskegon who need a hand.  Take a listen to our chat below and find out more about this great event.

 It's a fantastic organization with a deep reach and very humble surroundings.  The work they do touches so many lives and we're always proud to be a part of helping spread the word on what's happening at Mission for Area People.  If you're looking for a great night out, or just looking to do your part to help out in the community, Music for Meds will be an outstanding time and it's priced affordably for you to come on out and enjoy.  To learn more about Mission for Area People, visit https://missionforareapeople.org/