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Adrianne Lewis of Muskegon Attempts a World Record

Muskegon Metro Area News

There was a time for me where the Guinness Book of World Records was one of the most important books in the house.  I don't recall how I came to know about the publication, maybe it was in a library or possibly it was the endless stream of shows like "That's Incredible" or "Real People" the managed to have some sort of world record attempt on every week.  I remember being obsessed.  Who had the longest mustache?  Remember the guy with the world longest fingernails?  (Gross) and of course there was the worlds tallest man, world fattest lady, oldest man alive...most to ride on one motorcycle...Siamese twins were always a hit.... it was hours of fascination and it was always a conversation starter with your neighborhood buddies and an easy way to make fifty cents over a bet if they questioned your trivial knowledge on the who, what and where of the world.  Guinness has been going strong since the 50's and attempts continue at all of the above and more.

We've even had a recent attempt.  Meet Adrianne Lewis.  She's a student who's out to be an acting teacher.  Acting seems to run in the family.  Her brother Luke lands starring roles in The Penguin Project here in town.  He was "Daddy Warbucks" in last years production of Annie Jr. and this year, he'll be taking the stage as "Aladdin" when the Penguin Project plays at the Frauenthal October 20th and 21st.  Adrianne herself appeared this past summer on "The Gong Show" with Mike Meyers who's disguised as a character "Tommy Maitland" and there was serious question if it really was Mike at first he goes so deep in to character.  

I saw the first part of her record attempt on a Facebook video, and since I am pretty good friends with her dad I shot her a message and asked if she'd be willing to come by and show us her record attempt and talk a little about what it takes to even try to get in the famed book.  We met up out at Muskegon Community College to talk about what's entailed and how it went....take a listen.


A nice Sunday morning story!  Something fun and a local gal willing to take a shot at a world record!  Many thanks to Adrianne for coming by for a few minutes.  As we left, she wanted to make sure that you knew the invite is open to all to come check her brother out in The Penguin Project - Aladdin Jr at the Frauenthal.  It's an amazing performance with the No More Sidelines kids and The Muskegon Civic Theater.  You can get details and tickets below ay https://www.startickets.com/search?q=Aladdin+jr&Itemid=124