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Medication Disposal October 27th at Muskegon Central Fire Station 9a-1p

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  We like to keep you up to date on events that can help you keep your home and loved ones safe.  This is the case when the Muskegon Area Medication Disposal Program hosts an event here in town that will help you get rid of unused or outdated medications, sharps or even controlled substances with no questions asked.  It's a program hosted by Mercy Health and it's designed to help you dispose of medications properly and remove the temptation from your home of taking something that was not prescribed or...if it was prescribed and it's past it's date.   

  The idea of flushing old meds down the toilet or drain, is pretty well understood that there is a negative impact on the environment with that.  Throwing your old meds out is not recommended either...but you can't just stock pile them.  What about the loss of a loved one and having to clean out their belongings?  What if you find something the kids shouldn't have and don't know how to get rid of it properly or would be afraid of turning it in to the authorities?  There's an answer and it's simple and easy. 

  Over the past 8 years the Muskegon Medication Disposal Program has safely disposed of over 16 TONS of medications.  16 TONS!!  Imagine the pill count in 16 tons of medications?  Astronomical!  Imagine the risk imposed of those medications sitting around the house and prying eyes looking in your medicine cabinet.  Think if the risk of one of your kids friends coming over and finding some muscle relaxers or narcotic pain pills.  You should think about adding to that tonnage this Saturday and you'll get a cool trip through the fire department for your participation.

  It's a simple process, you drive up, fill out a small questionnaire, mostly about where you heard about the event, and your unwanted meds, sharps and controlled substances are taken away....no questions asked.  You drive off with a safer home, less worry and with no negative impact on the environment.  Simple stuff. 

  I met up with Chief Jeffery Lewis of The Muskegon Police Department and Rachel McCoy of The Health Project to talk about this Saturday's event and how easy it is for you to make it happen.  Take a listen.   

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  Simple, quick and best of all...firetrucks!!  If you're heading down to the Farmers Market or out running some errands this Saturday.  Bring the kids.  Show them by example that there is a proper way to do things and that they really don't have anything to fear when it comes to the police.  What a great first step this would be for them to not only see that, but get to see the MFD up close and personal as you drive through.  There is no cost to participate in this and again, no matter what you're dumping, there will be no questions asked and your medications will be properly disposed of.  Ou thanks to the The Health Project for their sponsorship of The Muskegon Channel.  You can learn more about The Health Project at https://mchp.org/