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The Muskegon Winter Sports Complex Readies for the 2018-2019 Season

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  Well, we got our first good dusting of snow this year, followed by some slide-off's and fender benders, because after all, who remembers how to drive in this stuff after a Summer full of Muskegon fun right?  As some sighed that the blanket of white fell, others were licking their chops a little bit, and one of us got in the car quick and headed out to get the scoop on what's to come at the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex this season as preparation is underway for the ever growing and ever evolving treasure housed at the Muskegon State Park on the North side of town. 

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  We've long been friends and partners with the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex.  They have been helping us along since the earliest days of Positively Muskegon and in turn, we've been there to help them start to show that there is so much more than just Winter activities there.  The Winter Sports Complex is home to one of only 15 luge tracks in the world.  There is an expansive area for outdoor winter recreation from ice skating to snow-shoeing, cross country skiing and more and the spectacular setting for all of it can't be matched anywhere.  It's cared for by people who's life long passion is everything Winter Sports Complex and the future is coming so fast.  Soon, there will be zip lines, canopy tours, archery and more.  What was once the "best kept secret" in Muskegon is becoming a regional destination for all of the Midwest and Muskegon is reaping the benefits of the wonderful curation of the sacred grounds.

  Things are not quite ready to roll yet for the season at the Winter Sports Complex.  The smell of Pine-Sol and Mr. Clean fill the air at the moment at the lodge for the moment.  Soon, it will be the warm fire and the smell of hot chocolate, not to worry.  I met up with Bill Bailey to talk about the upcoming season and more.  Take a listen.

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  It's a comin!  Be ready for the awesome season of Winter fun at the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex and keep in mind, that a season pass out there makes a great gift!  Make sure too, that you don't just use the place as a weekend destination.  We talked a little about how more and more are coming to share the Complex....let's make it "ours" Monday-Friday when the visitors are all stil back home and we have our treasured sports park all to ourselves.  You can visit the Muskegon Winster Sports Complex website at https://www.msports.org/