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Senior Navigators of Muskegon County - Helping Understand the Senior Millage in Action

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A couple of years ago, Muskegon County voters passed a millage to help our senior citizens out.  It's taken a while to get the finding moving like it does with any millage, but the process is up and running and the services offered to the older generation are wide.  Everything from transportation to food, activities to assistance understanding the in's and out's of complicated things like Medicare..or maybe even a hand with essentials like bills, home needs and more.  It's all there waiting for you, but how do you even begin to understand how it works or where to begin? 

It can be a very confusing, and honestly, intimidating process and with all due respect, some older people are not as tech savvy as younger folks and some too, are just used to getting by with what they have been able to do themselves, even though they have earned and are entitled to some of the benefits that are out there.  So a big part of the millage was to help find some people who could help those who need a hand finding their way through the red tape.

The Health Project of Muskegon County with Mercy Health has set up a program where those in need of a hand with the overwhelming amount of information out there and how to find it.  They are the Senior Navigators and the good news is, that they are going to deploy all over the county so those in need don't have to struggle to find a hand.  They can visit where they are comfortable goin and find a setting that is private, familiar and work with a person one on one to see what's out there and how they can benefit from all the assistance offered.  

I had a chance to meet up with Judith Kell, Tay Jones and Julie Wilde who are all part of the program.  They will explain in detail just how easy it is for those who need a hand to figure out the nuts and bolts of everything available if they plan a visit with a Senior Navigator.  Take a listen.

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Difficult and kind of intimidating, but the resources are there for anyone who needs a hand.  This is community helping community and none of it is "freeloading" or taking a "hand out".  These are all programs set up to help senior citizens out with what they have already given in.  Take a few minutes and visit the Senior Services website by clicking on the picture below.  Make an appointment to visit your Senior Services Navigator and get started on what's available.  Our many thanks to Tay, Julie and Judy for coming on to introduce the program!  Our thanks to to the senior citizen community... it's our turn to pay you back a little.