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Muskegon Family Court Offering Amnesty for Those Behind

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Paternity issues are difficult.  They are especially difficult when child support gets behind and the Family Court has to take steps to try and bring matters up to current status and, sometimes penalties are issued like arrest warrants, or suspension of a drivers license or some other assessment that only adds to the problem.  It's hard enough to make things current, especially when you already don't have the money to pay in the first place....how do you manage to pay fines?  How can you manage to make money if you can't get to work without a drivers license?  It's a whirl wind of problems and they only get bigger and they continue to complicate things like family togetherness, parenting time and relationships. Not to mention that you have to keep looking over your shoulder and wonder if you're going to get picked up and taken in. 

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How about a chance to make things right, at a fraction of the cost and no chance of being arrested?  The Muskegon County Family Court is offering just that.  From Monday March 25th until Thursday March 28th they are offering an opportunity for anyone behind to come in and meet to make arrangements to get back on track.  It's an opportunity to avoid the worry and clear up the penalties at a fraction of the cost.

According to Jason Walker who I met with to talk about this program, the Muskegon Family Court isn't "your fathers "friend of the court" any more.  They are working on innovative ways to help those they serve make sure that they can tend to the most important thing...which is family.  It's true, that sometimes relationships don't work out, but, the additional mounting pressure of fines, warrants and suspensions of driving privileges add to the over all problem and while they can't necessarily "go away" they can work to find innovative ways to help set things straight and hopefully get things back on track.

Jason and I sat down to talk about this program, take a listen.

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It's a pretty good deal.  Don't let the fear of repercussions come between you and your kids.  Take advantage of this opportunity offered through the Muskegon Family Court and take the first step to some more stability in your life and your kids.  It's not easy, that's understood but compared to missing out on all that is there while kids are growing up, this is a chance to put an end to that and get back on track.  Full details are in the photo below.