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Muskegon Lake - Back from the Brink Film and Discussion at the Frauenthal May 15th

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The visible changes in Muskegon are all around us and they are a constant reminder of the incredible times we are living in.  One glance around the Harvey Street corridor in Norton Shores will show you new hotels going up, on Henry Street in Shores, the old K-Mart will finally give way to a new medical center and housing area.  Downtown Muskegon has exploded with new places to live, work and play and with the groundbreaking of the new Convention Center happening this week...what's apparent and easily seen shows us all how far we've come.  

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There has also been incredible, if not close to unbelievable progress made in areas that are not so easily seen by everyone, but...tho those who have put so much time and effort into what's not seen is equally important if not vital.  We're talking about our lakes, streams, creeks and marshy areas.  After all, we were named after a marshy area....we best protect our namesake right?  It's been a labor of love for so many for so long, especially the work on Muskegon Lake,  it's infinitely better...the work continues, the progress continues and after that, the shift will have to come to preservation of our pristine lake and to avoid getting to the "brink" again.  

If you're newer to town, Muskegon Lake is a 4000 plus acre lake where at one time, 47 saw mills lined the banks providing a huge industrial base for our local economy.  It took a lot of lumber to rebuild Chicago after the fire and it came right from here.  Our port also was vital to our other industries over the years....years when things like environmental protection were not really paramount in the minds of those using the lake for business.  It took it's toll, heavily and Muskegon Lake really had some problems.  It was at the brink.

"Muskegon Lake - Back from the Brink" is a short film produced by Great Lakes Outreach Media.  It will be shown in conjunction with a community discussion about the lake...where we are now and how we got things turned in the right direction.  It's an absolutely free showing, 6p Wednesday May 15th is when you're encouraged to arrive at the Frauenthal. 

I met up with David Ruck of Great Lakes Outreach Media and Kathy Evans and Mary Cooper of the Muskegon Lake Watershed Partnership to talk about the film and work that has gone in to our lake, and what's to come.  It's a great conversation and invite to you to come see the show and be a part of the discussion.  Take a listen.

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The film alone should be a draw, can't wait to see the beauty and splendor of our lake on the big screen.  The discussion is vital and our "rebirth" in Muskegon has to be at every level.  We truly live on the edge of heaven, and if you doubt me, stand on the banks of Muskegon Lake at sunset and try and argue that.  Please accept the invitation to be part of the show on the 15th at the Frau!  To learn more about Great Lakes Outreach Media, visit https://www.greatlakesoutreach.com