Hot off the heels of a very successful free holiday movie night at Cinema Carousel, Community Choice Credit Union is here again to talk about more ways they benefit their members.  We stopped by the location on Ellis Road in Norton Shores to have a visit with Kevin Koholff and learn about a couple of pretty cool programs offered to Community Choice members that you may have not hear about. 

As 2023 comes to a close, we'd like to take a moment to thank both Tabono Law and Scherdel Sales and Manufacturing for their support of this incredible way to give a little something back to our area non profit organizations.  It was an idea that sprang up courtesy of Shon Cook at Tabono Law a couple years back and Scherdel jumped at the chance to be a part of this program to highlight and help fund worthy causes. To date, quite humbly, we've given $31,000 to area groups in need.  It's a nearly unimaginable place to be in. 

When you're 9 the world is still kind of limitless.  In the eyes of Khiren Guy his future between KG News and his desire to be a veterinarian are still floating about in his head, but it was the KG News that grabbed our attention.  (Gotta keep an eye on those future competitors ye know).  But in his latest report, Khiren was talking about how he spent the time leading up to the holidays collecting presents for kids at the hospital through his church and his friends and that, competition aside, is as noble an effort as any, so we asked if he'd give us an interview and he agreed.  So did his mom and grandparents. 

It's been a while since Carla Neading got the first holiday themed blood drive underway as a gift that she could repay in no other way.  Her husband Steve got sick and the diagnosis was difficult and journey has been harder, but to take a tragedy and turn it around....well, that's a Christmas Miracle and kind of the thing we're best at in Muskegon any time of the year. 

It's a pleasure to meet up with Shon Cook who is the Senior Council and Founder of Tabono Law.  Tabono Law has been a remarkably great sponsor of ours and the information Shon brings right down to plain English week in and week out is an incredible way to help you understand a complex world that not many are into until there's an emergency.  But, what if said emergency is between you and the attorney you've chosen?  It happens.

The amount of service that is available for those in need can be almost overwhelming.  It can be especially difficult to navigate for those who thought they would never the the "ones" needing a hand, but life has a way of sending along surprises to all of us that can catch us off guard and things can get really tight, really quick and sometimes, a hand is needed.  To see programs go to work as they are intended is what 2-1-1 is all about in Muskegon and Executive Director Stacey Gomez invited us to the call center to learn more. 

How do you view a library?  A building full of books or an active and alive center for learning, technology, education and gathering?  In today's world, it's truly the latter with all that a library like the Hackley Public Library offers by way of experiential learning, engaging programming, high end technology for those who use and limitless access to media that goes so far beyond books.  The Hackley Public Library and The Torrent house are the past, present and future of Muskegon and they are asking for a hand with a community needs assessment.

Mission for Area People is the kind of organization that I personally picture when it comes to a community based and truly heartfelt.  Located in the corner of a church in Muskegon Heights, right across from Muskegon Heights High School Mission for Area People focuses on those who might fall through the cracks of some other charities.  Don't get me wrong, Muskegon is still by far and away the best when it comes to fulfilling need, but Mission for Area People comes up with things like some assistance with rent when the funding is available.  Maybe a medical hand with some doctor bills or prescription costs.  Maybe it's new clothes, the healthy food pantry, the list goes on and on.  Serving with humble hearts and humble working environments sure makes Mission for Area People tug at the heartstrings.  They are unique in the idea too, that they don't want teens to be forgotten when it comes to the holidays. 

Every Woman's Place is the spot for those who've suffered domestic or sexual abuse in Muskegon.  We've long worked with them to assist with awareness as well as fundraising as abuse remains prevalent in society and the victims of it often remain silent, hiding their shame and the cycle continues.  With Giving Tuesday coming up soon, there's an opportunity for you to donate to Every Woman's Place and Private Cable Systems will match the donation up to $5000.  An easy way to double the impact made for the purpose.

It was only day two of seeing patients in the expansive and thorough new home of Trinity Health Neurosciences in Muskegon.  To walk into the Trinity Health Pavilion on Sherman adjacent to the hospital, the first thing you notice is that the building itself has gone under an almost total renovation.  Even the entryway and soaring atrium above let you know that sincere steps have been put in place for the patient and that Neurosciences are becoming one of the more prevalent disciplines in medicine.  There's a reason and Dr's Patrick Pavowski and Anita Bell share why.

It's an amazing place to be when it comes to the generosity and support given in the area we live.  It's also an incredible honor for us to have found a way to partner with Molina Health Care in sharing some news that will directly impact those who might just need a little bit of a hand this winter.  Saturday, November 18th from 11a-1p, you'll find Molina Health Care at Catholic Charities in Muskegon on Park Street and they will provide 1000 coats while supplies last.   

It's an extremely valuable visit with Attorney Shon Cook of Tabono Law this week.  With the understanding that a highly qualified attorney being a hefty cost, some lawyers are offering "limited appearance" that might come with a set fee and a feeling of less worry about the amount that you'll spend in any kind of case, from family law to criminal appearances, but Shon does a deep dive into the pro's and cons of this kind of service.  Learn more here.