You may have seen the term "Black Wall Street Muskegon" floating around.  It's a snappy slogan and all and it's pretty clear as to the idea that you'll find people of color working to show off what they make or do in a shop or a home setting, maybe their restaurant or their shop.  The reality is, that "Black Wall Street" is a term that was long lost to history and in it's return to the top of people's minds once again, it's time to shine a light on something most of us were never made aware of.  We know history, but no where near enough of it and sadly, the worst of our history often gets buried.  Such in the case in Greenwood Oklahoma. 

Muskegon is a growing and dynamic area with a rich history in industry that has been a staple to the community for generations.  While we are seeing more diversity in jobs in the area, the manufacturing sector is still strong and reaches a global market through area companies like Scherdel Sales and Technology, ADAC, Rolar Products and Eagle Alloy.  Along with Muskegon Community College and The Muskegon Area Intermediate School District, these companies opened their doors on October 24th to show area students what it's like to work in the high tech field of manufacturing in 2023.

We are beyond excited to share the news!  It's a success on a level that most had written off years ago as something that Muskegon just couldn't do anymore.  The belief, the drive and the determination of those who believe a little more however, brought back an air show to Muskegon in 2023 and the event was a staggering success.  So much so, that in 2024 not only is it coming back, it's going to be a little bigger and if you jump on board early, the tickets will cost very little for you to be at one of the most incredible events you'll ever see.....anywhere.

The Community Foundation for Muskegon has an annual event to welcome one and all to the Frauenthal for an evening of celebration as well as some engaging programming to learn about and to present an honor to a community member who's level of commitment to all of us has stood out above and beyond.  The 2023 event is happening November 14th beginning at 6p and it's shaping up to be an amazing night of togetherness, learning and honoring someone who's selfless efforts were seen state wide in a time when many were in search of such leadership. Their efforts "not seen" double that too. 

We've been part of the push for a while.  The Hope Project of Muskegon works to help those who are victims of human sex trafficking and they provide shelter, support education and advocacy for those who've been victimized by this dreadful version of modern day slavery.  The assumption is that it's "like you see in the movies", but chances are, that trafficking happens much closer to home than you'd ever think and it only adds to the nightmare of living with the reality of the fact it happened to you.

Shon Cook of Tabono Law has been incredibly informative over the last two weeks about child support in the State of Michigan and the process it takes to decide and calculate what's required and the financial "bottom line" as to what the amount paid will be.  In our final conversation on the topic this week, Shon's going to discuss the reality of what happens when a party doesn't pay or pays under circumstances other than what was agreed upon in the decision made by the court. 

We love working with Community Choice Credit Union! With 24 member centers located throughout Michigan and several in West Michigan and the Muskegon area, Community Choice has demonstrated a commitment to Giving Big back to the communities it serves. From back-to-school backpacks to college, trade school and continuing education scholarships for students, Community Choice Credit Union is making a difference.

Now to help celebrate International Credit Union Day on Thursday, October 19, Community Choice is also giving away free food and refreshments. Take a listen here and see what's in store!

We hear and see the message all over the place.  Back the Blue.  It means that we stand with Police, Fire and other First Responders.  It should be something much more than what's yelled about when things boil over and it's also a way of thinking that should carry well past their retirement after committing their career to all of us.  Back the Blue is also something that's not necessarily something to be lip service, it's a way of conducting yourself, the respect you carry for others and understanding of what might be faced in a lifetime of duty. 

Shon Cook is the Senior Attorney at Tabono Law and joins us on a weekly basis to help people understand the in's and out's of the legal world.  It's a highly specialized field in any number of disciplines and Family Law is the primary focus of Tabono Law.  This week, it's part two of a discussion about child support and we're focusing on how the amount is calculated.  It's a difficult process that leaves many surprised.

It was in January of this year that we were invited to meet Ryan Leestma at Adelaide Pointe for the first time, and with limited exposure to Ryan other than what most of the world sees on his pretty dominating social media presence, we kinda went in there not sure what to expect.  Ryan is a very bold visionary, and while his "damn the torpedoes" approach has given some a reason to say...wait a minute, he's been delivering on all he's said so far, so, to catch up on what's been going on at his development, let's go back! 

The separation and eventual divorce isn't the happily ever after anyone ever has in mind.  When the kids come along too, it's a little more complicated as if a parting of ways is required, the idea of splitting everything up, including time and expenses of the kids is in the hands of those who handle this thing all the time.  You could take the mediation route, that's a good way to come to an agreement that both parties can be most "agreeable" with.  If by chance it's in a litigation that the decisions are made, the court is going to go after what's best for the child, and Shon Cook from Tabono Law explains how that process is set up.