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Fri, Jul

It's Fall Ya'all. Today I had the pleasure of visiting the Baby Bears Boutique to talk to Andrea about fall fashion for the kiddos. While I was at the visiting we had some littles join us to show off some of the hot new fashion items you will be able to find.

The hot colors for this season are going to be the burnt oranges, dark purples, brick read, and turquoise. You will be seeing a lot of fringe and foe fur. Boot socks and leggings are also making a comeback this season as well. Check out the video and you will see that most of the outfits can also be carried into fall from summer and the from fall into winter.

The First little that we had model for us is Isadora, she is wearing an outfit by Meme and Maggie designers out of California. A long sleeve baby doll tee with precious flower embellishment around the neck, leggings with the most adorable leg warmers sewn right in.

Next model is Carley and she is wearing a little red dress. This dress has beautiful gold star detail across the neck. You can very easily take this dress into the fall and even the winter by just adding a little sweater and then some white tights and sparkly boots.

Lastly, we had Morgan who was wearing a grey long sleeve shirt dress with houses along the bottom paired with baby pink leggings. On the leggings they had a sweater like leg warmer sewn in with button detail. 


I took a big step this year.  I was asked to make a run for State House of Representatives in Michigan and after much thought, I decided that if I was going around town telling everyone to believe in themselves and believe in Muskegon, I had best back it up when opportunity knocks.  It's a giant endeavor and I know that it's going to be a year filled with high's and low's and I am going to meet many people along the way.  One of which I already met, and would like to introduce to you. dr robDr. Davidson on Facebook

Dr. Rob Davidson is an ER Doctor in Fremont.  He's running for the US Congress 2nd District in 2018 and I asked if he could find a few minutes to sit down and have a chat early on as I think his schedule is going to get really busy, really quick.  My first impression is that Rob is truly a humanitarian.  He's a caring father and husband, loves his work as a physician and when you hear him talk, it's minus the "edge" that so many people who want to work in politics seem to have on their voice.  He wants to make sure healthcare is available to all, public education is protected, our environment is safe and that wage equality is there for people.  Yes... people.  He's actually worried about people.  

The election is a year off, but as I mentioned...it's going to get busy.  I asked for a few minutes with Rob o introduce you to him and he found the time.  We'll be sure to keep our platform open to all candidates as the year goes by, we think that a shared platform is fair and everyone should have a chance.  But for now, spend a few minutes getting to know Dr. Rob.  We met at his house in Spring Lake for a chat.

It's going to be quite a year for both of us.  I am thankful to the Dr. for a few minutes and I wish him the best in his run.  We still don't have the 2017 elections out of the way yet, but you can count on the Muskegon Channel to do our best to give the candidates running for 2108 seats a chance to connect and tell you what's important to them and why they are seeking public office.  If you'd like to know more about Dr. Rob Davidson, please, click on the link below to visit his campaign page.

dr davidosn

There are several layers here....try to follow along.  There is a venue called 7 Steps Up in Spring Lake, they host Pin Drop Concerts.  The venue is owned by Gary and Michelle Hanks who also have a non profit called Courtyard Concerts which they use to help bolster needs in Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Muskegon and more.  They also handle booking music and musicians for a host of other events around the area and if that's not enough their venue is also used for event rentals for everything from weddings to political events!  They are busy people to say the very least.  They are also very community minded and they see things a little differently than the "locals". 7suVisit 7 Steps Up Online

To the Hank's, it's all just one big area the Lakeshore.  A need in Muskegon is equally important as it is in Grand Haven or Spring Lake.  A food pantry might have an emergency need, or there might be a family with an urgent issue. The non profit is there and ready to be of assistance.  But like any non profit, it takes some fundraising, and how better to do that than by what you are best at, booking concerts.  

They take the small, intimate feel of 7 Steps Up and move it outside for a show.  Sunday September 10th Courtyard Concerts presents Seth Glier+Birds of Chicago.  Special guests Jessee Terry and Loren Johnson.  It will be in the courtyard at 116 S. Jackson Street in Spring Lake and the proceeds as you've probably guess by now go to the fund that helps them plug the holes that pop up in the surrounding communities they are surrounded by.  

I caught up with Michelle Hanks at the Grand Haven Farmers Market.  Yes, one of the many places she books music for and we talked a little more about the show and the outreach she and husband Gary operate for the area with Courtyard Concerts.  Take a listen.

Mark it down!  A great way to spend a Sunday in Spring Lake and you'll know that the event goes a little further than some bottome line somewhere.  It will go back into the communities that surround the Hanks family and the people that keep them in business!  I can tell you from personal experience, 7 Steps Up is a one of a kind concert experience, Gary and Michelle are true friends to all of us and to the musicians they serve...they are the biggest advocates that can be found!  If you'd like to check out the show, you can find tickets by clicking the link below!

courtyard concerts

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