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Port City Criterium Bicycle Race Downtown Muskegon May 13th


The only thing missing will be the sound of the engines firing after the National Anthem...other than that, we're going to have a brand new event in Downtown Muskegon this year and it's going to be a heart pounding race!  The inaugural Port City Criterium is a bicycle race that will take place May 13th and you're invited to come check out this great new event and be part of something very exciting in Muskegon.  Yes...I am talking to you, the one who's always saying "There's never anything to do in Muskegon"....you know who you are!  :) 

I have seen just about anything on wheels race, I have even seen a race similar to this in Grand Rapids a few years back and let me tell ya... intensity is a big part of the game.  The racers, some of which are on bikes that cost $7000 bucks and are made out of carbon, are razor focused and out to win.  They race in packs and the chance of "the big one" (wreck) is always there.  It's a day divided up into different categories of racers, different skill levels age groups etc.  You'll find everything from the Men'sElite Category to a chance for kids to take a lap around beautiful Downtown Muskegon at noon.  The racers...they are after cash and trophies and the kids...well, they will enjoy the ride!  It's a full day with events kicking off at 8:30am with registration and the first laps turned at 10a.

I know a little about racing...but very little about bicycle racing and I figured there would be no better place to learn a little more about this event than at City Hub Cyclery which is nestled right on the corner of 7th Street and Clay Downtown.  It was my first stop into the bike shop and wow....talk about cool!  It's even run by another transplant from Sparta!  It was like old home week.  Meet Jen Weaver from City Hub Cyclery and Cathy Schroder who is the event PR Manager and Sponsorship Coordinator. We caught up on all things bike racing and learned a lot more about this new, fun and exciting event coming to Muskegon.  Take a listen!

It's new...it's something you don't see every day..it's a break from the normal and a chance to get Downtown Muskegon to enjoy an event free to specataors and be a part of all of the amazing things happening Downtown.  City Hub Cyclery is an incredible small business and to see their shop grow and now...bring in events along with the other Downtown establishments who are supporting the Criterium.  We're all about helping spread the word about the great people and the great events in Muskegon!  Best of luck to the Port City Criterium and we hope that they are here to stay!  Hmmm.... we've got Rebel Road....wonder if Pedal Road is equally as catchy?  Click on the event poster below for the Port City Criertium Website

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