Sat, Nov

Back 40 Predators - Episode 9 - New Brunswick Bruins


Back 40 Predators is back with Episode 9 on the Muskegon Channnel and this time it's a bear hunt in New Brunswick!  Rory Rought is the host of the show, he's also part of Northern Michigan Outfitters who specialize in guided hunts like these in the UP of Michigan.  All of that, and Rory also serves as a police officer in Muskegon Heights.

It's an exciting adventure as they head out hunting for bears.  Do keep in mind, this is a hunting show.  They are hunting.  Viewer discression s advised.  On to the woods!

Our thanks to Rory and the team from Northern Michigan Outfitters for the adventure.  If you'd like to know more about their hunts, you can visit their facebook page for now.  They are currently working on a new website and will have it up soon.

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