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3 on 3 Hockey Tournament - In June! Get in on Coast 2 Coast Hockey and Help Kids Food Basket


Yes...Summer is here...kind of.  We have yet to hit our fist 80 degree day, but all the ice is gone and being that we're "Hockeytown West" most everyone is sitting around with nothing to do.  Ok, maybe not, but...hockey is a part of the fiber of all of our lives.  If you grew up here, chances are you played a little.  If you're a transplant, chances are you know someone who plays or did play.  If you're a long time "Muskegonite" you can probably recall back to the days of Moose Lallo, Brian McClay, Callendar....the list goes on and on.  We were hockey before hockey was cool.  Period. End of Story. 

Well, maybe not quite.  Hockey isn't something you just "shake off" when the season is over.  Maybe a quick week off to recoup a little but then it's right back to training, finding some ice somewhere to drop in and enjoy a pick up game or two.  Of course for hockey parents...it's time to find the next size up equipment and a second mortgage for the house to actually buy that equipment...and then of course...there's the entire off season lying about last season and how awesome you were playing.  Hey, what good is a sport unless you can stretch the truth a little while you're waiting for the rink to freeze again?

Here's the deal.  You can find all of that and more on June 8th for the grown up's and June 9th for youth when Coast 2 Coast Hockey comes to Lakeshore Sports Center to put on a one day, fast paced 3 on 3 hockey tournament for all age groups.  Any age level from Squirts to the over 40 crowd will find a bracket and 6 game guardsmen.  They will also have a hockey gear swap meet/flea market for $10 a table (tables provided) to help those with growing hockey players keep the costs down.  Live music going on, a beverage tent and more.  There is also a huge giveback element at the tournament with Kids Food Basket on hand and receiving donations to sustain the work they do making sure our kids don't go to be hungry here in Muskegon at night.

Justin Grevious is behind all this.  A local hockey export himself, Justin graduated from Shores and has quite a story about the impact hockey, and the people in it have had on his life.  Take a listen to our chat about the tournament and how you can get your team involved! 

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Maybe you want to play...or maybe you just miss the refrigerated barn.  I mean, it's going to get over 80 at some point...right?  It might even be just a chance to get some hockey buddies together for a day and have some fun in an exciting and purposeful atmosphere where hockey is celebrated and Kids Food Basket gets another hand in all the work they do.  Don't miss the Coast 2 Coast 3 on 3 tournament on June 9th at Lakeshore!  Get your team registered by visiting http://coast2coast3v3.com/

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